About Us

Est.  2013

Founded at UCLA in 1992, Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE) strives to provide the resources and support necessary to empower young women to make confident, informed life decisions and effect community change. Now, WYSE has 11 branches at universities across the country, including George Washington University's branch founded in 2013. It was not until 2015 that the GW WYSE branch was officially incorporated on campus. After spending a year building our curriculum and mentor base, we were ready to start our mentorship program at Jefferson Middle School Academy. Since then, we have mentored over 40+ mentees and have had over 30+ mentors over the last 5 years. GW WYSE has participated in WYSE national conferences in DC, LA, and more. As a program created by women for women, WYSE’s curriculum-based mentorship program facilitates a unique space for mentees to grow and develop in ways not offered through their traditional schooling. Women and Youth Supporting Each Other envisions a world in which all women are empowered to determine their future and effect change.

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